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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cats in Boxes...a few days late!

International Cats in boxes Day! Soooooo...squished in a plastic bin is apparently comfortable enough for Possum! This was taken while I was sewing. She loves being near...I knew my room was messy, but I wouldn't think anyone would find this comfy....she did!

In celebration of International Cat in a box day, I'm sharing the pics I took a few days ago, just for this occasion. I took an empty box, laid it on the floor and within 10 seconds I had "takers". Lucy sits in the box immediately! "Hurry-up! Take your dumb picture!"

Ricky sniffs for anything to make him actually want to sit in the box...

Nope! Nothing there...he walks thru the box...fully annoyed.

Box???why no, Possum would much rather sit above the the cupboard...a type of box, I guess. An elevated wooden one! I should buy a new magnet so the cupboard stays closed, but I hate to ruin her fun.

I love my kitties!

1 comment:

Mishkat said...

These are great photos. They are all SO cute - and that first photo of Possum is a hoot! I like how Lucy got right into the box - she's a real trouper!

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