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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Perfect Angel!

Friday was the day of my little grand daughter's Christmas Program and this year, she was an angel....well, to us she is an angel all year long, but this day she got to dress the part.

This is Faith, 4 years old. She is the adorable one in the middle. She loves to play princess so this "roll" was right up her alley. She attends preschool at a Christian school. Such a blessing to see the kids praising Jesus and enacting the miracle of His birth.

I hope we wont get wrapped up in the hub-bub of the commercialism of the "holidays". Larry and I went to a Chinese restaurant the other day and they had signs posted. " WE WILL BE CLOSED DECEMBER 25TH FOR THE HOLYDAYS". We hope that when people wish you "Happy Holidays" You will, indeed remember that these days are Holy and give Him the glory and praise too!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My most Favorite Christmas Gift!

After 24 hours of travel, Jeff could still squeeze out a smile!

Yes...tired! Possum remembers him and loves him.

Very few people can roll Possum on her belly and play with her feet.
But Jeff can do it and stay alive!

Christmas with Jeff home is so fun!

Jeff arrived home from Japan on Tuesday night. So good to have him home. I'm busy being the "mama" and doing whatever I can to mother him into oblivion! Haha...I fell very naturally back into that mode.

We havent done much but just hang. He is trying to visit friends and get some tattoo appointments done, but his "off" time, has been with us. He is sleeping on an air mattress on our living room floor and seems to be very comfy! I tag along with him as much as I can and when its appropriate, but just knowing he is close by is such a blessing..

Sunday we will have an open house for him. Im excited to see some of his friends that I havent seen for a long time and some friends of the family too.

Thank you Lord, for bringing my son home safely and for this time I can spend with him.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Bag Lady Christmas!

Roberta's daughter in law served us...what a blessing to be so spoiled!

Roberta's son ( a real life chef!) serves up our delectable dinner!

A good motto: eat dessert first! Got these loaded backwards, but oh well!

Chicken Marsella! One of my very favorites!

Our beautiful handmade menu on a table fit for royalty!

Rosie, Me, Pam and Roberta!
Kandi, Kathy and Corliss

A night of fun, laughter and a splash of sadness!

One of my very favorite nights of the year is the Bag Ladies Christmas get-to-gether. I have been a part of this wonderful group for at least the last ten years. I've had so much fun and been so blessed to be one of this group, that I cant remember not being with them.

Mix together dry humor, a bit of "twitchy-ness", boldness, lots of intellect and a boat-load of creativity and you will end up with the Bag Ladies. We are named thus because of the "bags" we tote to our meetings. Bags filled with various items, such as magazines, unfinished projects, completed quilts; you name we we bring it. Sometimes its grand kids in tow (for only a minute or two, we must show off, you know), sometimes it's photos and sometimes its even just our keys and a huge sigh of relief to be able to recede from the hectic-ness of home life and resort to the welcome arms of our friends. This is reminiscent of days of yore when there were "quiltings" which were really more about friendship than bed covers.

As the pictures uo top show, the night was filled with fun and laughter and the delighted feeling of being spoiled like little kids. Everything was so special, from the handwritten menu all the way to the coffee and cheesecake. Perfect in every way....except one.

We lost one of our beloved Bag Ladies this fall. Our Ardy Olsen had a very unexpected heart attack. To not have her with us was a void, a sadness to our hearts ,a cause to reflect,and remember her wit and elegance. We gave a hearty toast to our friend. The time to begin loosing friends is much too soon.

In honor of Ardy, we had her most favorite dessert of all " Death by Chocolate" and yes, it did just about kill us after all the other wonderful offerings. Love you Ardy, and Merry Christmas!

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