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**Please note..The other half of my life is dovoted to helping feral and free roaming cats in Walnut and the surrounding areas. You can learn more and follow our activites there at Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program! **

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Fingers Stitch Gratitude and Love

During the past few weeks, Ive been honored to work on a Quilt of Valor with Mrs. Hansen's 2nd grade at Walnut Community School.  The eleven kids first drew pictures on fabric and colored them in with crayons.  I took the blocks home, set them in patriotic fabric and quilted all but their blocks.  I returned to the class yesterday so they could each "quilt" or tack their own block.  We had a great time!  I am hoping to take the quilt to Brooks Army Medical Hospital this spring.  It will be given to a wounded service person recovering there.  I must say that this quilt will be most appropriate for a Navy person.  The kids all know that my son is in the Navy, so there are several pictures of "Navy School"s on it!   The kids were so cooperative and fun.  I really enjoyed myself with this project.  More that that, I saw how the kids, at seven or eight years old, already have a sense of community and service.  Being President of the Community Club, I have conversed with the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers to help the kids develop this sense of community and pride by doing some service projects in town this summer.  It looks like the kids will be helping to maintain 3 memorial rock gardens at Peace Haven Retirement Home, help with some clean up projects in town and I think I will use them at the next blood drive to serve food to the donors.  Here in Walnut, it seems we have a lack of volunteerism, maybe we can boost that!

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Owl and The Pussy Cat (s)

Spending a considerably restful day at home on Sunday, I peeked out onto the back porch to see if I had left any kitties out there for too long, before remembering that they were actually on the 2nd floor balcony enjoying some sunshine.  

To my the window by the back door I saw the back of the head of what appeared to be an OWL!  I rushed to the dining room window and sure enough a little owl was perched on the porch rail enjoying the sunshine.  Aren't owls nocturnal?  I thought they hid somewhere during the day.  I tried to get a pic thru the window, but because of glare, the screen and dirt (need to wash windows), I couldn't get a good shot.  I quietly went out the front door and snuck (sneaked?) around the house to get as close as I dared without him flying away.  The funny thing was that then, I realized that Lucy was watching the owl too!  It was all too cute!  Oh, did I mention that Possum could have cared less???

O country living!

I got on the net to see what kind of owl he is and he's called a Long eared Owl!  I hope he lives nearby and will visit us again real soon.  I will be watching.  I'm Pretty sure Lucy will too!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Angels in our Midst!

OK, so I couldn't help myself...again.  Jeff came out yesterday and brought his girlfriend, Angel..  This is a picture of them while they waited for supper.  We had a very nice time together.  Hopefully it wasn't too uncomfortable for her.  Larry was in his usual comedic mode, so things were nice and light.  Angel seems so very nice and they both looked happy as clams.  It was fun to show her baby pics of Jeff and tell her goofy stories of when he was young.  She seemed to enjoy herself.  She is beautiful and she has a sweet sense of humor, which anyone that knows us realizes is a must.  She took as many jokes as she gave, so in my book, she's a keeper!  I hope to get to know her better.  Its going to be tough for all of us when Jeff leaves again.  I will be praying for them as they face this difficult situation.  

Sorry for no quilting tips, but Ive been really busy and haven't had time to peruse my notes for ideas...please stay tuned.  Life should go back to normal one of these days.  Beside, I have no idea if anyone ever looks at them anyway...maybe Ione and Linda  (thanks if you do!)

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