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**Please note..The other half of my life is dovoted to helping feral and free roaming cats in Walnut and the surrounding areas. You can learn more and follow our activites there at Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program! **

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fruitful Few Days!

The last few days have been quite "fruitful"!  I was able to complete this colorful little quilt and add it to my new Etsy shop.  You can visit my shop by clicking the little "storefront" on the right sidebar, or go to   Etsy is a fun place you can sell your homemade things , supplies and or vintage items.  I have had 3 sales so far already!

I also completed my Peter Rabbit Pinwheel Quilt and my floral Corliss Corner Quilt (they only needed binding) addition I got my play pad for the kitties done...whew!  I even managed to clean up the mess and do some vacuuming today!  

Sorry to say I have a plugged kitchen sink.  I don't know how that happened since I haven't cooked since Monday.  Whatever, its plugged real good.  I stuffed as many dirty dishes in the dishwasher as I could and hopefully Larry can fix the drain when he gets home.

This is going to be a busy weekend.  We start out by meeting  good friends in Harlan for supper.  We always enjoy seeing Jon and Luann and spending time with dear friends that love the Lord too!  Tomorrow, we are going to Omaha.  Hopefully will catch a movie before going to babysit for 3 of our grandchildren for the evening.  We will spend the night and go to church on Sunday.  I want to try to catch the Winter Flower Show at the Cathedral.  My friend Pam is showing a quilt there and some of my old friends from the Omaha Quilt Guild will showing quilts as well.  Some are my old quilting customers, so I might see some of my work on display.  Fun!

Quilt Tip of the Day
Continuing on with "Factors that Damage Quilts:  Ultra violet radiation, present in both daylight and fluorescent lamps, threatens quilts, causing dyes to fade and fibers to become brittle.  Seasonal rotation of quilts and protection from strong daylight can reduce the chance of damage.

High temps, high humidity and lack of ventilation encourage growth of mold or mildew, causing irreparable damage if undetected.  Storing your quilts in a cool dry place is the best protection against fungi.

Wool and silk fibers are prone to insect damage.  However, do not use chemicals to rid the quilt of insects.  Instead, first vacuum the quilt then isolate it until all insect activity has stopped.

Antique quilts frequently are affected by the iron content of their black and brown dyes, causing rotting of those colors.  Some old dyes are unstable and if they get even slightly damp, they would bleed, making washing unacceptable for many old quilts.  "Weighted Silks" often used in Victorian crazy quilts, become brittle and will crack or powder in time, a process accelerated by light.  Next time:  Proper Cleaning Methods...
(this info from Beverly Blessing in an article in Oct 95-Am Patchwork and Quilting)  Happy Quilting!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Heaven...I'm In Heaven!!!" or How to make your cat think he is!

Step 1 - Choose Fabrics cats will like...
Step 2- add batting and cat scent!
Step 3 - Choose Ribbon just right for chewing
Step 4- Add catnip bag
Ahhh...just right.
My newest creation.  I had this idea yesterday.  My cats, especially Ricky LOVE catnip and as you all well know cannot stay off any quilt that is placed on the floor.  So I combined the best of their world and made a little "kitty play pad".  I will try add a little video I made of them playing on it...
 Yes, its a hit! and soon to be seen in my etsy shop!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugeration Day

I Cannot figure out how the layout or these pics is supposed to work.   So forgive the "mess...  Here are some pics a really cute quilt I just finished for a friend of mine.  She made the top using the Corliss's nine patch, which I told you about several blogs ago.  I love her choice of fabrics.  This is another one that will go to quilts of valor as soon as she gets the binding and label on.  I just love the colors!
Of course Ricky was right in the middle of the thing as I was trimming it up and I couldnt resist taking a shot of him rolling around on his favorite thing...quilts!  He sure found the right family!

Im watching the inaugeration ceremonies today.  Quite the hoopla.  I am praying that all stays peaceful.  There are so many people there.  My nephew, Nick is there and Im hoping to get a glimpse of him in his Navy finery!   No quilt tip today...Im trying to finish some sewing!  So I guess that could be your tip...finish something today!

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