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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just so you know...

How I feel about Pres. obama hesitating and procrastinating on sending needed military troops to Afghanistan, I am posting the letter that I am sending to the White House for seven days beginning tomorrow. Also, just so you know, I hate war, and I hate that any of our kids are over there, but I value our national security more. War is hell, and we need to listen to our military leaders in order to come out victorious. This country will only stay strong if we win wars, if we stay strong. Unfortunately the administration right now is causing the USA to become weak and for this reason, I'm pleading with our president and his administration to send what is needed for our troops. Having two sons serving and a nephew, this is close to my heart and I pray every day for their safety. If you are a military mom, feel free to copy this letter and mail it on to the white house yourself.

October 15, 2009
Dear Mr. President,

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are military moms.As moms, we send our sons, daughters, husbands, and other family members to Afghanistan and other lands to protect the freedom of the United States. We love our country and while we can see it has problems as moms, we know they can be resolved by sticking to our founding principles, facing our problems directly and acting on sound solutions, making sure we teach our children in the process.As the mothers of our troops, we were often our soldiers’ first example of leadership. We woke them for school in the mornings, helped them with their homework, encouraged them to try again when they failed and praised them for their success. We taught them dignity, honor, decency and respect for others.As mothers in uniform, we demonstrate to our children the measure of our devotion to our nation by fighting for its freedoms. We sacrifice a life at home with our kids so others can enjoy a life with theirs. We know our children are proud of the cause of freedom we have taken up.As military spouses with young children, we struggle to find the words to explain why a loved one has gone away. We comfort and assure them that all is well, but we know that it is not. Often, we pick up the pieces after a family member has fallen, when we are just beginning the blessed journey of parenthood.As mothers of the United States Armed Forces, we have had enough of your conduct in this war. Our children and spouses have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution in this, your most important job – protecting the citizens of this great nation. Here is our cry: Either give our military the resources to win in Afghanistan or risk the lives of every American citizen. Our silence on this issue is no more; we are determined to speak out and be heard. On behalf of our loved ones, the troops, who have long been ignored, we say:Give our military the resources to win in Afghanistan.As mothers, we strive not only to identify a problem, but to present a solution as well. Mr. President, we exhort you to listen to your appointed military leaders on the ground. Give them the freedom to fight this war – not only to postpone an ignominious retreat, but to declare the victory that every member of the United States Armed Forces knows we can achieve.Mr. President, while our soldiers are losing lives, limbs, and sustaining life-changing injuries, you are blatantly ignoring the condition of our solider abroad.For this, we respectfully demand an explanation.As moms, we do not turn our faces away from painful problems. Yet the situation in Afghanistan has taken a back seat in your agenda.For this, we politely demand an answer.We express gratitude that the First Lady has made it her personal mission to improve the lives of military families; it is valuable indeed to have an advocate so near the Commander in Chief.We trust the women in your life have taught you well, President Obama, so we would expect nothing less than a personal response to our message.Sincerely,The Military Moms of AmericaCc: Members of CongressPlease send your responses to

Monday, October 12, 2009

Been busy...My heart is always open to a new kitty..but

This is Little Miss Tippy-Toes. I happened to go into the Humane Society a few weeks ago. I like to go there and just look around. Not to shop, as I have 3 kitties and that is my max! I like to think that my going in there, saying "hello" and maybe giving a few a loving pat will help their day be a little brighter. It warms my heart to think they find some happiness in that.
Tippytoes was in her cage, laying sort of miserably there, with her spay scar showing...her ears flat and a look of pain and lonliness in her eyes. Even tho she was behind glass, I spoke softly to her and basically fell in love with her on the spot. As I was speaking to her, I realized the scar I was seeing was not the incision from her spay, but in fact, it was the place where her left hind leg had been.

A note on the window of her cage stated the leg had been injured beyond repair and had to be amputated. Poor baby! I went home, wishing I could take and wondering who I knew that might be looking for a beautiful little torty. My Friend Pam came to mind. I called her and, in a nutshell, we went and got her. It took a few days to get the deed done, but little Tippy is now at home with the Witt family.

As you can see from these pics, Tippytoes is just as happy as can be. I must say she is the most loving cat I have ever been around. She just melds into your body when you hold her and her favorite place is in a lap. Her vet check went very well, and we found out that her leg was injured by another animal. So we know, that Tippytoes went thru a horrible ordeal. For her to be so trusting and loving is a miracle. She is calm and purrs softly all the time. She is happy to be alive, and so are we!

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