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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What am I doing today?

Woke up early this morning, early for me anyway, 6am.  It feels like its the middle of the night because its dark and wet outside.  Lots of thunder and lightening.  I have lots to do today, its just picking what I will do that is the challenge.  I shouldnt be on the computer or my quilting machine because of the storm, but whaaaaaaaaa!  I want to!  

This morning Im posting the next pictures of the pretty quilt Im making for my friend, Carolyn.  Do you like it?  I know she will look on here today and I know she is going to be happy to see that it is about ready for it's trip to the eastern US.    I only have to get it quilted and bound and it will be ready!

so!  Its off to a cup of coffe and the weather report...if I cant use my machine, I will piece the binding and clean a room...yuk! I would rather sew than clean....

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