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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can it Be Christmas without a Christmas Tree?

Of course not, I mused as I organized in my mind where I would put a tree in our little apartment. I'm used to having a six bedroom home to decorate with a living room, a parlor and a formal dining area...I don't miss that. I like simple decorations so having one room to consider is as a breath of fresh air. It's how I felt when I realized I could plug in the vacuum cleaner and vacume the whole apartment without changing plugs! Whew...

The only option of course, would be to have a small tree. Moving our eating table away from the dining area to the area in front of the sliding glass doors, made room for the couch to be moved back and the room to appear larger and able to hold some decorations...The table is perfect there, and its too cold now to open the doors to the weather.

Now to find a tree. I spent a whole day looking for one. Having an "over - the- top " thrifty husband, I attempted to find a small tree that looked great and didn't cost a ton of money. There is no such thing. I scoured the entire town and only found icky ones for the price I wanted to pay. As a last resort I went to the thrift store and there it was..., just waiting for me and only cost $6.75!

Spent a morning decorating it with lights and vintage glass bulbs that I brought from The Big House. The little tree stood in her glory in the corner of our little home for exactly two days. THEN...the cats took it down. Sometime during the night...down it came. They must have been whispering... " quietly, they'll hear us!" What fun they must have had. By morning the tree looked like it had not survived the tornado. And they all looked so innocent!

So my thought was that if it happened once, it would happen again. I gave the tree to my daughter who only has a six year old to worry about messing with it. I brought in some other decorations to place around the apartment to give us the holiday feel. Yes, it can be Christmas without a tree! Its all about Jesus anyway...Im praying my focus will be more on HIM and not on the lights and the tinsel! This year Jeff will be here and that makes me so happy...who needs a tree!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Splash Park Raffle Quilt

This is a little quilt I made as a donation to Walnut's Splash Park fundraising. Hopfully they will make lots of money! If you would like tickets, please contact Walnut City Hall....

All 3 cats are in the picture, can you find them all?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Amos and Andy give us all a ride!

Lauren and Joshy!

Ben and Stacey!

Little Ellie!

Kaden and Braden!

Grampy and Faith!

To Nana's House we go! And they did! We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings!

One of the highlights was getting to ride on the horse drawn carriage provided by my friends Pam and Neal Schirm. Thank you so much for allowing us this treat!

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings. Mine are too many to count. Thank you Lord!

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