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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its Often Difficult if Not Impossilbe!

Packing and shipping can be a bit of a challenge in my house. This is Possum my 3yo Kitty who loves to get in boxes. Here she is completely hogging the shipping box that has all my envelopes tape and sealing materials. I battle this kind of thing each time I do my shipping. I would be lonely without it!

Ive been spending the last couple days working hard in my Etsy shop. I found a wonderful tool (s) to help me in my business. I purchased a set of 3 E-books from a fellow Etsy Seller. Click on the E-books if you'd like more info. This is money well-spent, people. Seriously, I'm on page 11 of the first of 3 books and I'm already seeing a difference in my views, which will hopefully convert to sales! I'm trying very hard to keep my "focus" and do each step as it comes, so this might all take me a while. Im excited and pumped up!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Fascination to Focus!

Even tho we are still in the throws of winter snow and ice, my sister, Kris has (once again) inspired me to get my ducks in a row, my life in order, my priorities straight and my act together! How quickly things get out of control and without even a wink, we are overwhelmed and blinded with busy-ness and disorganization.

My visit with her was not only fun and relaxing, but inspiring and motivating.

So I'm home now and find myself brainstorming on how I can be like her! :)

If you know me, you know that I tend to get myself into more than I can handle. I fill my plate because my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so to speak. The end of 2009 brought the end to several obligations and commitments I had made which has freed up a lot of my time. I now must be careful not to "reload".

Not being much for New Year's resolutions, I try not to list out my goals. Maybe that is more because I feel if I don't list them, I wont have to keep them. It becomes another thing in the mental list that keeps me frozen and near unable to accomplish much.

Where Kris was very intentional and exact with her lists and goals, I may be a little more vague. I have a list of "ideas" and am not at all sure how I will put it all together or "ger er done"!

She and I discussed the adrenaline rush we get when we see or hear of a new project or idea that we want to try...we get all involved and then get bored quickly. That is the way of creative people, I think...I hope. She said someone told her we become very "fascinated"... Thus my motto....I want to go from Fascination to Focus.

My goal is to first see "where I am on the map"! Go through all my projects in my sewing room, sort and separate. Look to see what is done, near done or will never do, then go from there. This is a bit of a scary thought since I have been sort of throwing things in piles in my attic sewing room for the last 6 years and I'm pretty clueless of what is there anymore. At this point, as far as the sewing part of my life, this is the first and only step I will "focus" on right now. I will keep you posted on my progress!

As for the business end of life, things are actually pretty good. I have my etsy shop and I manage Cheryl's shop too. Ive been good at the listing and the shipping. Its the bookkeeping and the marketing that I have fallen back on.

My immediate goal n the bookkeeping side would be to prepare for 2009 taxes. That is a daunting task for sure. Again, throwing things in a box for a year doesnt make things easy.The second part of this goal will be to implement some new methods for 2010 that will make this time of year in 2011 much smoother

The marketing to me will be the fun part. I must be careful not to "focus" only on the fun parts. Balance should also be one of my key words for 2010...I have some books on marketing that I am planning on reading and using new ideas and methods to market my little online shop.

So there you have it! I hope to keep myself accountable by using this blog, so I hope you will come back and watch my progress.

Happy 2010!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting it up to date!

Being away from home always inspires me to get on the ball when I come home. Yesterday was a lot of catching up and a whole afternoon of meeting with friends. But this morning, I was up early and working on listing things Ive had ready for a LONG time. Finally getting them online! Be sure to check out my etsy shop to all all thats new!

These little notecards are really cute. The illistrations are the work of Maude Humphrey who is the mom to Humphrey Bogart! She was one of the highest paid commercial artists in America at the turn of the 20th century. I think they would be so cool framed as artwork on a nursery wall. I actually found these in our Walnut House when we moved there. They are dated 1986.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Week off!

This is my sisters kitty, Riley...she's a girl and she has the "life of..."
This cute little guy lives on my sister's block, in the drainage ditch with a couple of his siblings. See how he is on One Leg??

See?? Elvis IS alive!

NOT an optical illusion...these buildings are built tipped...

Criss Angel was on vacation, but I wanted a pic for Kaden.

Such a nice week away from our cold weather and into the warmth (in more ways than one) of my sister's home in LasVegas... Not only did we wear ourselves out trying to relax, we had a blast.

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