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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angel in Japan!

Nick, Laurie (Navy Mom) and Jeff
Taken 2/20/09

A personal peek at some postings of mine and a Navy Mom Friend, Laurie who is now in Japan visiting her son....

Kat....great to have you back! We've missed you. I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for that tall guy with the fox tattoo...and you can be sure he'll get one giant hug from this mamma!!!
We're staying right on the base at the Navy Lodge and I'm looking out my window right now seeing all those sailors walking by...wondering if any of them belong to mammas of this group. I know it's going to be like finding a needle in a haystack for most of them, but I'm going to give it my best shot.
Talk to ya all soon...

Laurie, just the fact that you are looking for my "fox" brings tears to my eyes....I so want to hug that boy! And knowing that you are even on the same base is making me an emotional wreck! OMG...such a stupid feeling! whats up with us muthas???? Im glad to be back and I'm blessed to be missed. What I want you to just focus on your son and have a wonderful time with HIM...our kids will be fine....and we moms, will be just have a ball with your baby and if God puts one of our kids in your path, then on him for us, but you be a mama to your boy while you can.....I love you and I wish you so much fun and so many wonderful memories!

Hi Everyone!
Well, Laurie is doing her G-Dub Mutha Duty and grabbing as many of our kids as possible! I just got a call from Jeff and he was at taco bell today and a nice lady approached him and asked if his name was Jeff and if his mom was Kat....Jeff about dropped over! Haha! They had a nice visit...she took a picture of him and Nick so I suppose you will be seeing that when she gets back along with other pics of other Sailors she has snagged in her mutha net! This really brightened Jeff's day...he has been feeling a little down and this was a nice perk. Laurie must have studied our kid's pictures before she left, she actually recognized Jeff ! What a great ending to a perfect day!

Ok...ladies....I'm really not a stalker :)
It was just so cool how that all happened. My husband, son and some of his friends went golfing this morning, so Heather and I headed over to the food court to get lunch. As we were standing in line...I recognized Kat's handsome son standing in line next to daughter kept saying,,,"don't say anything....he's going to think your a stalker" I figured what have I got to loose...I'll probably never get another chance. The look on his face WAS very priceless, but VERY CUTE!! I wasn't sure how he really felt, so it makes me very happy that he went back to his room and called his mom to tell her. I did get a picture with him and his roommate that I will post later, along with the one I got with Dee's son Jake (Jakes room is right across the hall from Andrew, so he's a little easier to find).
We're still having a great time....the weather is beautiful (I hear we have a blizzard back home), tomorrow we're headed in to Tokyo.
Talk to ya soon

No, this lady is not a stalker, she is an angel!  Thank you for giving my son a good old USA smile and making this lonely mama happy!  Isn't it amazing how small our world really is?

Quilting Tip of the Day...

Talking about needles in haystacks....

Do you ever get mixed up on which needle is which when sewing with different functions? Sara Agnor, of New Jersey uses one of those cheap tomato pin cushions, that are separated into sections with embroidery thread as decoration...she puts her machine needles in that and uses a sharpie to write on which needle size it is...oh to be so organized!


krissybizz said...

So very cool! Thats a great picture, too. I can just imagine Jeff's surprise when she asked if he was Jeff.

Luann said...

I didn't know Jeff would soon be home again...that is wonderful. More good times to look forward to!!

Tina said...

wow, what a great story! i would have loved to see jeffs face, that must have been priceless! so glad that he got a touch from 'home', and happy for you, too.

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