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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too cute Not to Share!

Well, he's done it!  Gibbs has wormed his warm little heart into ours and whined long enough to gain entrance to the house.  He is the best cat ever!  A big baby who just wants to be loved and live inside!  Im giving him short visits for now.  Soon he will be a regular and maybe spend the night in the house even.  I still havent seen him use a box and until I see that, I harbor some distrust.  MUST USE BOX...but like my bff Pam says, he is a smart boy...He wants to fit in and he will.  The other 3 are getting used to him.  Lucy is the most resistant, but her nature is to not like any change AT ALL, even if it involves her brother and sister.  Possum seems to like him the best.  They lay close by each other and just hang.  I think soon they will be touching. 

I guess if you are going to live in the country in a big old house, one might as well have multiple cats!  :)

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