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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Cat Story!

This little baby should be named MIRACLE or LUCKY. I don't know what her name will end up being, but she is really one fortunate kitty. Maybe her name should be fortune cookie...LOL! For the purposes of this blog and until she is properly named by her new owner, that is what I will call her.

The stray little one got up into the undercarriage (frame) of a pick up truck that came into Walnut last Thursday morning. She was crying her little head off but in the hoop-la of the day, no one could hear her. ANOTHER stray cat that hangs downtown and is a new mama with babies hidden in places unknown, literally took us to "Cookie". The mama kitty fretted and cried and ran back and forth from the shop to the truck until someone finally got down low enough to hear the baby.

They got her out and who do you suppose they called with their kitty crisis? Yep! me. I was working all day, so I took her home, sequestered my kitties to the basement and made a nice little nest for Cookie in my butler's pantry. She was so frightened, crying and shaking...poor baby. Since I had to work all day, she had a good chance to relax and feel safe in a darkened, quiet space. When I got home, this pictures shows how and where she was!

She has found a new home with my nephew, David and will be going to her new home on Saturday.

I really think "Cookie" fits her...She is sweet and certainly she and anyone who comes in contact with her is fortunate!


FabricalaCarte said...

I love the story, and what a cutie! I'm sure she and David will fall in love.

Kathy said...

Hi Kris...I cannot wait til David gets his new baby. She is so precious. I took her to our vet out here today to get her first shots and probably saved David at least $50 from what they would have charged in Omaha. You are right, they will fall in love...Ive fallen in love with her and Ive only seen her twice. Her coat is going to be beautiful...

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