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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our First Two Back Alley Barn Quilts go UP!

Josh and Tom attach the "Flower Basket" Block to Sow a Seed-Prior Attire

So cute!

Finished "Swinging on a Star" on Heart of Country

Neil and son...working on attaching the block!

Its so fun to be part of a project and then see it come to reality. We are no way done, but seeing the first fruits is exciting and motivating.


krissybizz said...

Kathy, I love them! How many more are in the works? Are you going to put one on your little back house?

Kathy said...

Kris we have only one more "ordered" by a merchant. But they really havent had all the info until tomorrow when I give them all a letter with the information. One lady (Bear Trap Mall) is doing her own on her shop. We also have an order for one for a ladies barn. I anticipate doing at least six more for downtown... :) Then Im hoping it will move out into the community and yes, I will for sure be doing one for the cottage. Its all very fun. We (me and Cheryl) are going to do 2ft ones to sell at the antique walk, if it ever warms up enough to paint! Its 45 today and raining. Paint wont dry in this weather! Im glad you lke them and wish you were here to help!

Kat said...

Two more Merchants ordered blocks yesterday! Hopefully the weather will be warm enough next week to paint!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

These look fantastic! What a great project!

Kathy said...

Thank you Kim...we are having so much fun, it doesnt even feel like work! We have two more half done and more on deck so things are moving along...keep watching!

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