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Monday, October 12, 2009

Been busy...My heart is always open to a new kitty..but

This is Little Miss Tippy-Toes. I happened to go into the Humane Society a few weeks ago. I like to go there and just look around. Not to shop, as I have 3 kitties and that is my max! I like to think that my going in there, saying "hello" and maybe giving a few a loving pat will help their day be a little brighter. It warms my heart to think they find some happiness in that.
Tippytoes was in her cage, laying sort of miserably there, with her spay scar showing...her ears flat and a look of pain and lonliness in her eyes. Even tho she was behind glass, I spoke softly to her and basically fell in love with her on the spot. As I was speaking to her, I realized the scar I was seeing was not the incision from her spay, but in fact, it was the place where her left hind leg had been.

A note on the window of her cage stated the leg had been injured beyond repair and had to be amputated. Poor baby! I went home, wishing I could take and wondering who I knew that might be looking for a beautiful little torty. My Friend Pam came to mind. I called her and, in a nutshell, we went and got her. It took a few days to get the deed done, but little Tippy is now at home with the Witt family.

As you can see from these pics, Tippytoes is just as happy as can be. I must say she is the most loving cat I have ever been around. She just melds into your body when you hold her and her favorite place is in a lap. Her vet check went very well, and we found out that her leg was injured by another animal. So we know, that Tippytoes went thru a horrible ordeal. For her to be so trusting and loving is a miracle. She is calm and purrs softly all the time. She is happy to be alive, and so are we!


Mishkat said...

Tippytoes is beautiful! Kathy, thanks so much to you for helping her - and thanks to Pam for giving her a forever home!

krissybizz said...

She's looking so good!!

Kathy and Larry Humann said...

Yes she is..I saw her yesterday and she is nearly normal...she is kind of funny about food. She must have been starving, cuz she is ravenous all the time and if theres food, she hogs it and will bite your finger if your try to give her something. Im sure its from her being a garbage kitty for some time...She is so sweet tho and they love her..

Tina said...

ohhh, so GLAD you did that! and that pam was generously receptive. very lucky kitty!

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