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Monday, December 21, 2009

What is it about Cats?

Simply decide to change the mattress pad and believe me, you will ask the same question!

Ricky could not stay off or out of our new heated mattress pad as I was attempting to put it on our bed. I got it it out of the package and in a heap and in seconds all the cats were there.

Here's a question for you. Are cats like ducks? When they come to you as babies do they then think of you as their mother? I think they do...

When a female cat that lives in the wild has a litter of kittens, she creates for them a nest. They stay in this safe little place with their mama (or without her when she commands it), for protection. She releases them for food, play and potty breaks.

My cats think our bedroom is their nest and that I'm their mama. In the morning, they wont leave the "nest" until I get up. They have various ways of annoying me to get me to rise. They run across the bed, they knock things off the dresser, they stare...they touch their nose to my face. Lucy's favorite way...tap on my glasses which are on the side table just enough so they rock and make a very irritating noise. Ricky's favorite way....perch on the high dresser and jump onto the bed and run! Possum's way is to very quietly tip toe onto my chest, hunker down and stare into my face...for a long time.

As SOON as my feet hit the floor they fly to their food dishes or the litter box. Now if the door was shut so they couldn't access their leftover food from the night before, or their boxes, this would make sense, but no, the door is open, the boxes are available and they have food...they just want their mama to release them. Or else they have a pact with each other to be annoying in the morning.


krissybizz said...

I think all cats have the same pact! Riley is waking me up more and more often by sharpening her claws on the side of the bed or sitting on the bedside table next to me and mewing, mewing, mewing. She also has free run of the house, but just wants me to get up. The kicker is she doesn't sleep with us, so she makes a special effort to come in to wake me up!

Kathy and Larry Humann said...

And then once Im up...they go back to sleep!

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