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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My newest Project

This is a pic of my newly finished little project I did while my sister was visiting.  With her help, I made a little quilt for a dear friend who is ready to have her first baby.  This will be my gift to her.  I sure hope she likes it!  It is made from a quite ratty old quilt top that her mother gave me some time back.  Not knowing what I would ever do with it, it ended up in my "will do something some other time" pile.  While preparing for my sisiter's visit and cleaning up my sewing room so we could sew, I came accross it and thought "hmmmmmm", so with Kris's help we came up with this idea.  I like it!  Little Peter Rabbit is perfect with the 1930's prints.  The little quilt represents some feelings for me that I dont know if I can put into words.  It is a combonation of old and new, perhaps thats me being a generation older than my friend.  Aged fabric, mixed with the fresh newness of the backgroud fabrics, our friendship that combines hip "today" and wise "yesterday".  The blocks came from her family and the background from mine, maybe this is the melding of our families, and a piece to represent both friends and family...ok Im getting sappy and Im done!

Quilting tip of the day!
Normally it is advised to NOT combine old fabrics with new fabrics when making or reconstructing a quilt.  Why?  Im not sure, something about chemicals and dyes I think.  I will research that, because it doesnt make sense to me.  Anyway, with this project, I am hoping the quilt will be used and no amount of care or consideration will keep it from turning to rags ie: a favorite blankie!    Lots of love to my sweet friend, Jessica!  (if you read this, the surprise is spoiled, but I had to share!)


Luann said...

That looks great. I'm sure she will use it to pieces and love every moment!!

krissybizz said...

It turned out so cute! She's gonna appreciate and love it...

Kathy said...

Glad you two like it! I wanna keep it for myself!

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