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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is Just Sick!!!

I'm taking the day to clean up my attic, which is also my "studio", "workroom...for all my quilting and sewing material, fabrics and notions. My sister Kris is going to visit in a few days and we are planning to have a couple "sew days" up there. I thought I better make some space for us to work. It is in horrible shape, I tend to use that space as a catch all for anything and everything else I don't know what to do with and with Christmas decorating on top of it all, that space has become way out of hand.

No only do I have too much fabric, but I also have unfinished projects from years and kits that Ive purchased to do. Sad thing is These pics only show part of my total "stash"!  So I am looking for new scrap quilt patterns.  If you can help, I am open!

"Quilting Tip of the Day!"
Regarding scrap quilts, this time focusing on creating quilts that look vintage or antique...( by Jill Reid, from a booklet I got from Windham Fabrics)
  • Don't over think your color combinations! If you study antique quilts, there are many unusual color combinations presumably because they used what they had available. You would be surprised how appealing these "odd" pairings can be.
Happy Quilting!

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