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Monday, December 8, 2008

Kadens gift...

Kaden's Christmas Gift!
So, here it is! Kaden's Christmas gift for this year. A super hero quilt...starring Superman, Spiderman and Batman. How fun this was to make....I found the pattern in an old magazine I had. Their pattern focused on lighthouses... The hardest part was making the half square triangles go all the same direction on every block. Dyslexia has its draw-backs...I only tried for so long and then thought, who cares??? The best part is that this is a gift he has asked for. If you click on the pic you will see that I added a little applique on the borders...the gray bars are supposed to be city you will see the heroes sitting on the building tops or flying in the night sky....I think he is going to love it! Ricky does!

Quilting tip of the day...
Back to our scrap quilting lesson:
  • Be sure to sprinkle strong, bright colors or raucous (what does that mean?) prints across the quilt.
  • As you cut patches from each fabric, evenly parcel them out into boxes for each quilt quarter, row or other division. Then construct your quilt in sections, drawing patches from the appropriate box. (ok, this seems way to organized for me, but it would be a good idea to incorporate in my crazy lifestyle!)
  • OR sew all blocks and then arrange them before you join the rows (this would be me!).
  • Place patches or blocks on a vertical design wall and if possible view from a distance.
Happy Quilting!


Luann said...

Very cute!! Kaden will love it

krissybizz said...

Love the quilt! Kitties always dress up a quilt. And you know it has the "Good Kitty Seal of Approval".

Kathy said...

Thanks Luann and Kris...yep if the kitty runs to it the minute it is on the floor...its a good one! Glad you like it.

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