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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Having the tree taken down in the backyard to make room for our garage resulted in a super hot back porch...Yes, that's Ricky...looking out the back.  Our whole back porch is windows..and the heat of the sun this summer has created a very uncomfortable situation for anyone and anything that needs to be out there. Ive seen the temp there get to 130degrees!

Yesterday I made some window treatments and if I do say so myself, they are pretty cool (pun intended)!

I swear, you can find anything on the Internet!  I took afew minutes to google "porch curtains" and took a hint from a lady that used painters tarps to make hers. So off to Home Depot I went.

Of course I had LOTS of help while cutting and sewing.  But within 3 hours I was done!

Here are the results of my labors!   I love that they are light and airy, but will hold out some heat and cold.  Easy to "raise" them when I want to open windows.

Best part is, the kitties approve!

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