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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Bittersweet Time

Bittersweet by definition: both pleasant and painful or regretful...

I found that definition on the web.  The word bittersweet is not used in the bible, although there are many bittersweet moments there.  I am experiencing one of those moments now.

The horror and devastation in Japan has cut most of us to the quick.  We watch our televisions constantly and in a state of near shock.  We see thousands upon thousand of homeless, displaced people who have lost everything they own and most or all of their family.  The beautiful coastline of Japan is in shreds, literally and figuratively.  As overwhelming and daunting a task of clean up and recovery 911 was, this seems worse.  More than a week after the massive earthquake and tsunami thousands are still without shelter, heat, water, or food.  We hear of tons of relief supplies being sent, but where are they?  Our heart breaks to see even the animal who used to be beloved pets that are now wandering in the rubble with no where to go.  How painful.

And we feel grateful once again the the Almighty God has spared our country from so much devastation.  Our lives go on pretty much as normal. Or do they?

Having a Navy son who is stationed in Japan has made this past week even more painful for me.  The initial news came to me directly from him by phone.  Probably a good thing...had I seen the news first, I'm sure I would have panicked.. This picture was taken just weeks ago while he snowboarded in the Japanese mountains.  Who would think that this pleasant and sweet time would turn into such a nightmare.

I have been and am praising God constantly for the grace he has shown Jeff thru this whole situation.  His base was not hit with any destruction.  Some shaking and creaking and power outages but no damage and the tsunami was nowhere near where he or is ship is.

The earthquake hit one week before Jeff was to leave to come home for 30 days.  We honestly thought things would be cleaned up and he would still be able to make his trip as planned.  That wont happen.  Because of the extreme destruction and the damage done to Nuclear Power plants across Japan, all dependants are being voluntarily evacuated from Japan, and the GW is also leaving, with my Jeff on it!  They should be pulling out in the next couple days to an undisclosed destination.  At this point, no one knows when or if they will return to Japan...and of course we don't know when he will get to come home.

Bittersweet...yes.  So thankful that my boy is safe.  So thankful he will be away from Japan and any fallout.  Pained that they have to leave so many hurting people behind. Pained that my selfish need to hold my son in my arms will not be met at this time.  Confident in the fact that God is still on the throne and that He will bring Jeff home at just the right time...

And we will laugh!

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