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Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow of the Season!

We got the first dusting of snow for the winter of 2010. Just a little wet stuff that mostly made the pretty colored leaves fall off all the trees. Not a particularly pretty snow, nor anything that stayed around any longer than a day. But it forced me into accepting that winter is indeed here. I spent Saturday doing my annual switch-a-roo in my closet. Taking out summer light weights and adding winter heavy gear. Sad, but true, the days of wearing a light blouse and capris are over for a while.

Pam, Cheryl and I are getting ready for our next Ocassional Sale which will be Dec 4th in Omaha at LeMarche' (countryside village) I have 30 more tie baggage tags ready to sew and a shoebox full of tie cuffs to complete. Ive packed up boxes of many "smalls" to cart to Omaha on Tuesday morning. We get st start setting up! Im so excited. We are praying this location will work out for more sales, but for now we will concentrate on this one!

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