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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Etsy is Busy!

Royal Sealy Coffee Set which includes Server, 2 mugs, cream and covered sugar! $15.00

I spotted this vintage Milk Glass Lamp on the dusty top shelf of an Omaha Thrift Shop!

Here are a couple of what will be my newest listings in VintageKats Etsy Shop. Etsy has been busy and I need to get some new things in to replace the holes caused by sales! Thanks to all of my customers, I'm having a ball finding and listing fun things for you.

A busy day planned! I will be working each Thursday now at Cheryl's shop, Sow-a-Seed/Prior Attire.
She needs time off to pick, clean and run errands. Since she is good enough to allow me to sell items in her shop, the least I can do is give her four hours a week. The frosting on the cake is that she now has wireless in her shop and I can work on her etsy shop while Im there.

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