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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here we go Again!

My Newest obsession is a little cuff made from the skinny end of a man's necktie. Cheryl and I purchased one while at "Market" in Desmoines and have fashioned our own "spin" on the idea. We are using ribbon, old clothing and vintge buttons on some. I wore the one we bought over the Father's Day AmVets Antique Walk and got so many requests for one, we decided to make them and put them in the shop! Here are the ones I have in process right now.... Its been fun finding the ties and the fabrics to use for the flowers. Please note the pink and peach colored rose on the right. These were the roses from the original cuff. I cannot figure out how she made them. I took one apart, check online patterns and youtube tutorials and cant find the method. I like the roses I make almost better, but her's are a bit different and I would like the variety. If you know how, would you share?

Miss Dolly is my tie holder. We are using the fat end of the tie to make eyeglass cases...(a blog for another day!) My workspace has grown to consume the whole house right now. Today (after an early morning run to the thrift store) my goal is to herd it all back to where it belongs!
I wanted multiple colors of tulle for my tie cuffs, but only had white... So....

I dyed some! Just used hot water with food coloring and vinegar! It worked great and now I don't have to buy any. I may try the same thing with organza.

Possum just says..."OH we go again!"

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