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Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

OK, so I'm sitting here at 7am drinking a cup of vanilla tea that I got from the D.C. Humanns. Ive spiked it with honey and heavy cream (because I can and I wanna use up the cream before Monday when I go back on my flat belly die/ weight watchers Larry is reading yesterday's paper because we didn't know we got one until about 8pm last night when the upstairs neighbor threw it down and it plunked down outside our door. He read most of it online, but I know my honey, he will find something else to read while he sips coffee (loudly), puts his feet on the coffee table and zones out for an hour or so. And then this morning's will arrive...another hour of reading bliss for him.

Happy New Year! January 1, 2010. I never have a problem writing the new date. I start to think about it around September or October when the Halloween costumes and decorations used to come out. That was my wake up call that the new year was just around the corner. Did you see how early they came out this year? Once it would have stunned me, but now I realize anything is possible when it has to do with money. Christmas decor came out in retail stores in October before Halloween. Ridiculous! So, in the back of my mind, 2010 has been hovering since at least August, now I can finally write it!

2009 is gone...another year gone. Another year closer to the end of my life. When you get "up in years" unfortunately that is where your mind wanders. You start to think about the inevitable and frankly, I don't like it. Many of the generation before me are gone and the revelation that "we're next" is becoming reality. I don't want to dwell on that part, but its my reflections and thoughts this morning. My biggest thought is, "Thank you Lord for allowing me to live this last year, pretty much healthy, wealthy and wise" Healthy, except for my neck and back that we are maintaining as best we can with chiropractor and now deep tissue medical massage. I'm grateful for Dr. Kocsis and for Roderick Hunt! Wealthy because Larry is still gainfully employed and he actually likes his job. Wealthy because we not only have one roof over our heads, but two! God has provided a way for us to be in Omaha while we attempt to sell our Walnut home. Wealthy because I have a loving family and I am grateful that we have relationships with our children and grandchildren that are healthy and wonderful!. Wealthy because I am overflowing with the friendship of women that I always dreamed of . Wealthy because we have found a place of worship where we feel at home and fulfilled and are challenged and want to give back, both physically and financially. Wise, not because I think I'm smart but because I seek Wisdom, the Wisdom talked about in bible. My eyes and ears are open to what God is doing, what He wants and how He wants us to get there...that's Wisdom.

So as I look back on 2009, honestly, I have to go thru my calendar! This old brain is low on short term memory...and long term is shortening, so I have a problem! Leafing thru the pages of 2009 most of it was routine meetings and appointments. Community Club, Quilters Guild, Library Board, Dentist, Chiropractor, Hair....time has flown by.

We had two visits from Jeff in 2009. He was home in April and again in December. So wonderful and fun to have him back here. Both visits were much too short and knowing it will be a year until we see him again is hard for me. I keep thinking how quickly this past year went by and that encourages me. I am grateful everyday for the technology that keeps us in touch!

We had a grand daughter graduate from high school. We took a short and fun trip to Ks for the event. She was of course beautiful and is already halfway thru her first year of college.

I was blessed to have my sister come several times this year. With the birth of her little grandson, Ben who lives near Omaha, I'm sure visits will be more frequent. That is good. My family has gotten pretty small with the death of my father, the distance between my mom, brothers and other sister...I cherish Kris.

Larry and I were able to go on two trips this past summer. Both places I have had on my "bucket list" for a very long time. San Francisco and Pennsylvania! I so enjoyed both places. We were able to do all the normal tourist things and the weather was beautiful. So good to get away with my hubby. The good part of his traveling for his job is that we can then use the rewards to make these trips...

I also made a trip to San Antonio to see our dear Carlita, who is still in her home and doing alright.

My best friend of 45 years lives in Pensacola now. Since she and I have reconnected I also went to see her there. I still cant believe she is widowed. I'm so happy she and I have remained friends.

My sweet daughter finally got thru her divorce proceedings and is a free woman. Expensive and difficult, but now over. Not much worse than a bad marriage.

We decided to put our Walnut house on the market and did so in June. As of today, we have had one person look at it. The market is low..ha! We got a one bedroom apartment so that we have somewhere to hang while in Omaha. I ended up spending most of time at the apartment while Larry was traveling. BUT now that he is working close to home, we will start splitting time between the two places.

Last but never least, we elected President Obama. Our first mixed race president...being a conservative republican I was disappointed and I continue to be disappointed as Government run health care is just around the corner. Big government, that is what he is all about. His campaign slogan was "Hope and Change". Well, our country is definitely changing and I hope it will be for good.

This starting to look worse than a Christmas letter. No one will possibly care what Ive written here. However It helps me to sort out and remember how much (or how little) actually happened during the past year. It helps to remember so we can thank God for it all...for each person...for each trail and each achievement.

So there it a nutshell. My reflection? A good year...a year full of God's plan, a year closer to when Jeff gets out of the Navy, a year to be grateful for. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Now Things Can Get Back to Abnormal!

Having Jeff home for the last two weeks has been so fun and such a blessing! I think you can tell by the faces of my family how happy we all were to have him home.

No one was more happy than me. It was back to life as normal with him around. I didn't even mind having an air mattress on my living room floor, with all his shoes, clothes and electronic devices cluttering everything up.

Now its pretty "emtpy" around here. I dropped him off at the airport this morning and he is on his way back to Japan. The only plus about that is that he probably will only have one more leave home, before he will be back for good. The worst is that it will most likely be a year before I see his beaming face again! It doesn't seem possible that he has been in the Navy for nearly 3 years now and has just over 2 years to go. We are on the downhill slide now and it cant come any sooner for either of us!

So Christmas is over, Jeff is on his way back to his Navy home and all is abnormal again.

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