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Friday, July 24, 2009

A note on Cathedral Windows

Found this little picture of 3 baby foxes and couldnt resist posting it!

*Note on Cathedral Windows
I wanted to let you that expressed a little interest in doing a Cathedral Window that I am considering doing a blog tutorial on how I do mine. I got a printed instruction sheet from the gal that did the ornaments at our guild meeting. The background piece is done on the sewing machine and the rest is hand sewn. I have found several places online that have different ways of making these, but this method works really well. I have found that pressing the background square as you go each step works the best...this takes some time, but it is well worth the effort. I will watch your comments and if you want me to, I will try to blog my way of doing them. Im so totaly hooked, Im hoping to see more cathedral windows cropping up in the quilt world. I even bought a really nice partial bolt of peach colored cotton to make my next one!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sew, Sew Fun!

Last month one of our guild members gave a little workshop on how to make cathedral window Christmas tree ornaments. My first thought.... """yeesh! Ive seen these done and I will NEVER do that...." But I also think one should try something before they completely pooh-pooh it...(except for sky diving), so I bravely drove in to make one. In fact, since our group was so small, I took 3 little kits home to make. I made one, hmmmm fun, made two and by the time I was done with all 3, I had gone to the fabric store, purchased 20 yards of white background fabric, rummaged thru my scraps and am on the road to a whole quilt. As a sick matter of fact (this will slay you Luann), I have also purchased a big hunk of a pretty peach color for the background of my SECOND Cathedral window quilt.

Possum likes it too... When I showed it at our guild meeting Tuesday night, on gal was saying " so when do you know to stop??'' Haha! The neverending project!

This is the perfect project for evening tv watching and a take along project for trips and Bag Ladies! This could be as sick as my hexagon quilt, but maybe a tiny bit milder.

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