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**Please note..The other half of my life is dovoted to helping feral and free roaming cats in Walnut and the surrounding areas. You can learn more and follow our activites there at Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program! **

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Cat in a Box Day...Boo Hoo!

Miss Milwaukee the Cat

Sooooooooo.....Me, Lucy and Possum are sitting all alone in our apartment in Omaha and our Mom is in Walnut Iowa with no way to access our cats in a box photos...what are 3 kitties to do???? And we really have some cute ones! Whose idea was it to upload all our photos to a flash drive and then not be able to get to them when we need them?? I Keep trying to learn the computer keyboard, but my mom keeps fussing about the cat hair getting into the wrong does a cat type without loosing a few hairs? Whats the big deal??? Anyway, she has promised to post our "cat in a box" pics on Monday...hope everyone can be patient!

In the mean time, will you agree that this Miss Milwaukee Kitty is one of the prettiest kitties on the face of the earth? If my mom would let me have a pin up girl, this would be it!. Actually she is in kitty heaven now...Milwaukee belonged to my moms friend, Pam. She got some really icky disease and sadly could not get healed. We are still sad and her mom really misses her... Love always, Ricky

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I expected to come out to Walnut, to find my cable and internet shut down. I called last week and told them to make the cancelation effective immediately. I guess immediatly has a different definition in a small town...Im grateful actually. I can post another day!

I downloaded all my pics on a little flashdrive to free up some computer space and then left the dang thing in Omaha! So all my blog pics are 50 miles away...I downloaded this one from Navy for Moms. Its a shot of the GW leaving Japan for their summer deployment a week ago. No, Jeff isnt one of the guys standing the rail. While it looks awesome and cool, it's horrible duty! They have to stand that way for about 3 hours I think and its hot and humid...sometimes cold and rainy....pretty nasty and Jeff has been able to avoid it so far.

Our house is now officially For Sale and you can watch future blogs about it on I took more pics yesterday when the agent was here, but forgot my cable to download, so no more pics yet. Check it out tho, their are a few that I took last Saturday.

So, its off to price merchandise...clean the fridge and then go buy coffee...can you believe I forgot to buy coffee??????????? An oh...I so miss my kitties! The move to Omaha was so traumatic, I decided I cant take them back and forth. They are happy and cozy back there, but the house sure is empty and I dont like it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where's Waldo??? On the Kitchen Table!

Surprise! I have a computer in Walnut! I didnt expect to find the service still online, but it is, so Im going to take advantage of it. Im kind of glad...the cable is also still on, so for however long it is that they have forgotten to take it down, I will use it. It was very odd thinking I would only have the radio that still runs on tubes to listen to for the next five days...

This picture is Waldo, my friend Pam's kitty. I had to post it cuz he is so beautiful and this is a great shot! He is sitting on the back of one of her kitchen chairs. Pam took the shot, so I cant take credit, but what a gorgeous speciman of feline mancat he is! Pam is a real cat lover too and has 3 of her own. This one, "Waldo" was found a little over a year ago in a small Iowa town where her son was at a wrestling meet. Waldo was wandering around the outside of the school building and Pam couldnt bear to leave him there. He couldnt have found a more loving family to take him in and love him up!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Here We Go Again!

The Victorian Rose, Walnut Iowa

Every Year in Walnut Iowa (where we live...) the AmVet's Hold their Annual Antique Walk and Sale. It's called the Walk because antique dealers set up along the main street and several of the side streets for 3 days. They number around 300 vendors. All the streets are closed off so that the only vehicle you might see is a golf cart, which is the amvet police who patrol the area. Each year (for over 25 years now) over 40,000 people visit Walnut from all over the country. If you cant find your vintage or antique piece during this weekend, it doesn't really exist. This will be the 7th "walk" that I have experienced and so far each has been different. Many things are the same; The Pres. Church has the best pulled pork sandwiches in the world, the Optimists have a great steak fry and the Vol Firemen serve a huge home made breakfast every morning. This weekend event would not be complete without the boy scouts hauling wagons full of "ice cold waaaaaater - One Doooooller" The weather changes though. One year it was so cold and damp that people were asking for coffee and a warm place to dry off. One year the wind was so strong that tables (and I mean big tables) of glassware were blowing over. I will never forget that sound! And of course we have had deadly heat and humity. If you are coming, come prepared for anything!

So this weekend will be a busy one for me. I have four ladies that come to stay with me every year. So shopping I must go, for breakfast items to keep them full and happy while they buy and sell. With the house for sale, who knows? This may be their last year to come. I have put my Etsy shop on vacation for about ten days, as I will plan to sell at the show myself. I hope to have what is left back up along with some new things by June 26th!

I will be away from my computer beginning tomorrow night. I don't have Internet in Walnut anymore, but will try to check in at the library. If you don't hear from me until this time next week, don't worry, I'm buried somewhere among 300 antique dealers and 40,000 visitors in Walnut Iowa! Eventually, I will surface!

Hey! I'm also starting a new blog about the sale of our Walnut Home. Ive been dreading doing this, but I think it might be fun and nice for people to see what a treasure we have in Walnut....and it could be yours! :) You can see this blog at Tell all your friends!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Old Friends, New Friends, and Goodbyes...

New Friend...Jeff's Angel...visited me last week for a movie and Kaden was there too. Kaden is being extremely silly in this picture which isnt unusual. He likes Angel and it shows! We watched Steele Magnolias. It was the first time Angel had seen it. It's me and Lauren's favorite movie to watch together. "Pink is my signature culah" Sort of had to say goodbye...Angel moved to Lincoln this week, but hopefully she will be around anyway. Youth must spread their wings...I hate that!
Old Friend...on the left, my bff Kathy. We met while in highschool and have been friends for 44 years now! This was taken when I was in St. Joe. New Friend...Donna N. I was honored to stay with her and her hubby while there. This was taken at breakfast the day I left...Goodbye to both...for a while!
Remember that song by Dolly Parton, Jolene? My brain sings that each time I see or think of this new kitty-friend, Jolene. She belongs to Donna N.and can you believe she is 20 years old??? One of the sweetest kitties I know! This is her favorite spot (in a recliner) and her favorite blankie. Jolene is in great shape for her age (more than some of us can say). According to Internet research, at age 20, Jolene is around 96 years old. She is doing pretty well. She makes it to her box and eats like a lady...she doenst move out of the recliner much except to eat, drink or "go", which, btw her box is a few steps up. She loves to have visitors. She isn't hearing or seeing well...maybe not at all...but she "senses" when someone is in the room and she enjoys being touched and while at Donna's, I couldn't help myself from spending some special time with her. I hope my last pat wasn't "goodbye".
God is so good to put the new and old in our life, isn't he? He has put relationship all around us. It's never boring, who he brings...and who he takes away. Its kind of like Steele Magnolias. If you haven't seen it you should. So many different personalities brought to gether by in a beauty parlor and the friendships made there, while sort of odd and unlikely, still sweet and intimate and truly funny. Isn't that life? I have a new friend on etsy...annabanana...moonstr...whatever, she is a hoot and I love her without knowing her at all. She is young, she is hip, maybe a little odd (like me). She makes me smile, she makes me feel younger (check out her art @ love new friends, old friends, young and old friends, furry friends, Internet friends (like MishKat and Anna)...I'm so fortunate and so blessed. Have a great Sunday!

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