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Thursday, April 23, 2009

There They GO!

Ok, Im sick of it and I will not put up with the whining and crying any more!  Out you go!  Have fun and dont forget where your home is!
Geez...Ricky was about driving me crazy, so I finally let him go outside.  Not far behind him was Lucy.   Honestly, it has been a relief to let them outside.  They stay really close to the house ( I think).  The only thing is now, I need to get them on flea and tick medicine.  Looks like a trip to the vets office today.

Ive been having a blast with my Etsy shop.  It has actually turned into a real job.  I love it tho. Going to garage sales and estate sales and thrift shops is a blast.  The thrill of the hunt is much of the fun.  I sold a very vintage pair of green wooden spindle salt and pepper shakers to a nice lady in GREECE!  So fun.   Im planning a big photo shoot (wow, doesnt that sound professional?) at Cheryls shop today, so will be posting lots of new things for her soon too.

Jeff is back in Japan and not happy about it.  If you think of him, send up a prayer that he will sustain himself there and make the best of a situation he must endure.  Its hard enough to have to go there, but now he has a lovely girlfriend that we love too, so he is lonely and misses her a lot.  Both of them need a lot of strength to get thru the next 2-plus years.

Lauren's divorce is finally final and she and Kaden and Josh are nicely settled in their new apartment.  It's really a nice place and they seem very happy with it.  Kaden started a new day care since Lauren has had to go back to work full time.  He likes it!  He's very social, so he makes friends easily.

Sorry to not have been posting as much, but I will be here as much as possible.  I am also busy with the Community Club, and the Quilters Guild.  Who would have ever thought my life would be so busy!

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