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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Its week's end already! I feel a LOT better. Thanks for thoughts and prayers to that end. I am still trying to hold myself back from doing too much. I wanted to go pick apples today with my friend Nancy, but Larry convinced me that it would be too soon and I might have a neck setback. Of course he is right, so I cancelled that plan. Im sitting in this chair, working on my blogs and planning on do a whole lot of nothing today.

I did hear from Jeff for two days in a row! He is work 12-16 hour days. He sounds good so that helps this mama feel better. He got the box of goodies I sent him and he loved it! He especially loved the little real pumpkin I put in there and others are wishing they had one! They are going to paint a little jack-o-lantern face on it and put it in the shop. Why didnt I think to send several? Next year. Im already planning on sending stuff for Thanksgiving and Christmas. He thinks he will be in Guam in the next few weeks so Im sure I will get a phone call.

Im dying to sew, but I am forcing myself to wait until I get back from Sioux City next week. I have Christmas aprons and table runners I want to make for Cheryl's shop and I would like to make a little quilt for Kaden. He has asked for one made of batman and spiderman fabric, so that will be fun.

This blog thing is growing. I have helped several people get up and going with their own and Im now hosting one for the Walnut Community Club. Check it out....
Quilting Tip of the Day
You know you are a quilter if...
  • The first four numbers on your speed dail are three quilt shops and the pizza delivery service!
  • You childrens name are (Sunbonnet) Sue, (Overall Bill) and Rose (of Sharon)
  • You've already measured your son's room and plan to convert it to a sewing room as soon as he leaves for college!

Stay tuned for more.... :) Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I finally have a moment to sit and share. What a full and great day it has been. I am still hurting with my neck problem, but I feel it getting better. The pain is different than it was a week ago and I can tell I am on the mend. I think some of it is stress and some of it is trying to move beyond some things I need to work through. Denial is a bad thing.

My good friend Stephanie prayed for me this morning. What a wonderful time we had. We then met my cousin and my friend Cheryl for lunch.

We also met with a lady in town and worked with her to set up an Etsy account so she can put some of her store items online. We came home, took photos of all the store items we are going to list, I made supper (soup in a pot!) and a pan of brownies to take to tonights Community Club meeting.

Tonights meeting will be interesting I am going to ask for the club's sponsorship of the Take Pity on the Kitties. Im hoping they will respond positively.

No email from Jeff again today. Its been a few days since I heard from him. I know now how my dad felt when I didn't write for days. Just the sight of the incoming mail, gives me reason to sigh some relief. Do you like my header picture and verse up top? I'm lonely for my son.

"Quilting Tip of the Day"

Have you had your machine serviced lately? Just like other things in your home ie: the air conditioning unit, or funace...your machine needs to be checked and cleaned annually if you are using it. Many frustrations can be avoided if your machine stays in good working order. You take care of your body and your care with regular check-ups. Dont neglect your sewing machine. Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Days of Politics, can we hide our head in the sand?

Election day is fast approaching. I don't think we ever thought it would actually get here, but in less than 3 weeks we will have voted a new man to be in the "hot seat" for the next four years. In past elections the simplicity of choice was evident. Liberal or conservative? Easy choice. This year, however, I feel the results of our choice may be way different. The results of our choice may hold consequences that could change the landscape and moral compass of our country forever.

For the first time in my voting life, I fear for what we have come to know as America, the land of the Free. I dont mean to sound like Im on a soap box, but this is important people, really, really important.

I don't like putting politics on my blog, but I want everyone who might read this to do what I have told my children to do every day of their school years. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Please, please lay down your political affiliation and look at EVERYTHING you can find about your candidate. Read things that have been written on both sides of the fence on the issues before you make a choice. Look at it all, from the liberal side and the conservative side before you make a choice. Go ahead and listen to Madonna, Oprah and Brad, but also listen to Glen Beck and to Rush. Give them all equal time before you make your decision.

Obama is talking about change. Please be sure you are ready for the changes he will instill in our country. Be sure you want the things he is advocating. Is Free Health Insurance your big issue? You do realize it wont be free...someone (middle class and me...) will have to pay for it. Are you truly comfortable with his background and those he has in his "camp" or those who have funded his life? Have you looked at ACORN from both sides? Are you comfortable with his war policies, especially if you have a son or daughter in the military? Are you ready to listen to and follow Obama instead of Gen David Patraeus and the other chiefs? Are you ready to abandon Israel?

Please use the internet to check things out...dont just listen to the mainstream media or Joy whoever on the View.... Listen to it all!
I love the USA and I would rather have NO CHANGE than some of the changes that may be in the works!

Quilting Tip of the Day!
Grab some handwork and listen to talk radio!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feeling unfocused...

Good morning! I'm having "one of those days". Not feeling able to focus on much of anything right now. I have lots of things I want to do, but the things I need to do are pressing and I don't want to do them...

So! I posted a recent picture of Kaden which brightens my day and hopefully will yours too. This is him at his birthday party. Larry and I gave him the "Buzz Lightyear" toy. When he opened it he said " THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!" It isn't often one picks the right gift, but this time, thanks to Lauren, We hit the nail right on the head! BTW, the green headband has to do with a ninja Turtle costume. He liked that too!

After several weeks of having excruciating neck pain, I finally feel somewhat better. Thanks to faithful prayer and God's healing. Better enough that I know I will try to do too much and end up not feeling well again. So I am trying to reign myself in and wait a few days before I "hit it hard". I am reminded of God's word when He says..."Be still, and KNOW that I am God..." I have a hard time being still.

I'm having so much fun with my blog that Ive been recruiting newbies and will help another couple of friends get theirs up and running today and tomorrow.

But my mind is running in a thousand different places and my wheels are spinning nothing but ruts.

Yesterday was good. I got an appointment with my chiropractor in Omaha in the late afternoon, so I met a friend for coffee at 2 and then went to see him. Relief! I will go twice a week for awhile until my neck pain is under control. I got to spend the evening with Lauren, Josh and Kaden and that was fun. Kaden is a ball of energy. He is learning to read and write so we had fun thinking of "S" words. This morning, there he was at 5:30am ready for the day! I of course got up and played with him. When we were writing "S" words again, I said "This is what I'm going to do today...." and wrote a word....he said " Nana, are you going to SLEEP????" He was right, that is what I'm going to do this afternoon if at all possible!

Quilting Tip of the Day!

On days you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, dont try to do any sewing that is too complicated. You will find yourself making mistakes and getting frustrated with yourself. This would be a perfect day to take some of that old fabric you've had forever, and either cut it in 2.5" strips or 5" squares...or whatever other measurement you seem to use a lot of. Stack em up or put em in a zip lock and when there is an exchange or a scrap quilt you want to put together, you will have "tons o' pieces" ready! Happy Quilting!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sadie Diggs!

I don't even know Sadie and I love her! This morning as I read through the paper, I came across the page with birthdays, anniversaries and wedding announcements. I saw a picture of an old lady, looking like she was sitting in a wheelchair, reading a book. The caption said "Diggs 100 years". The article beneath read as follows:

Sadie Diggs was born on October 2, 1908, in Lexington Tenn.

"I am 100 years old. "I was young and now I am old. But I have never seen good people or their children begging for food. (Psalm 37:25)"

"We worry.
We worry about the IRS, and the SAT and the FBI.

We Worry that we wont have enough money
and when we have enough, we worry that we wont manage it well.
We worry that the world will end before the parking meeter expires.
We worry what the dog thinks when we step out of the shower.
We worry that someday we will learn that fat free yogurt is fattening.
Honestly now, did God save you so you would fret?
Would He teach you to walk just to watch you fall?
Would He be nailed to the cross for your sins
and then disregard your prayers?
He has put his angels in charge, so young people stay with God.
Treat everyone right and love your enemies. I have had a good life...thank God." Sadie

If that doesn't make your Sunday nicer, nothing will. The simplicity of words based on bible truth, but given a spin from an old lady who has seen 100 years of history along with her own life's joys, pains, celebrations and sorrows. I couldn't help but think and hope that when I am old (er) I will have this kind of attitude. Thank you Sadie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Quilting Tip of the Day

To make a simple design wall purchase a large piece of felt or extra batting, tack or tape it to the wall and voila! In my sewing room (which is an attic) there is a small alcove area that I wanted to block off, so we could use that back area for storage. I used a mattress we no longer had use for, set it up right in the opening, covered it with a batt and I had a huge design wall! The blocks and pieces will "stick" to the felt or batt, but with the mattress, I can pin mine in. Ricky and Lucy like to tear down what I build up! Happy Quilting!

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