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Friday, May 6, 2011

Only Two Weeks til Vintage Market A'ffaire

Yep!  Only Two weeks from tomorrow will be our 3rd Vintage Market Affaire.  Cheryl and I traveled to DesMoines fairgrounds a few weeks back to attend a Junk Jamorie.  Yes, it was fun and we gleened some fun ideas!  Here I am in the midst of it!

Then last week we went to an auction in Atlantic.  Very fun!  We were NOT going to buy anything, but you know how that turns out.  We left with a pickup load!

Thankfully my brother, Mikey was there and he and his buddy Mike did all the heavy lifting.  Thanks Mikes!!

Please note the change of address for our May 21st A'ffaire!!

Will be held from 10am-5pm at:

Zimms Antiques
210 Antique City Drive
Walnut Iowa

Zimms is located on the west side of our main street right in the middle of our downtown block!
See you there!

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