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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meet Gibbs! this is NOT one of my gatosx3!  This is "Gibbs" named in loving honor of Jethro Gibbs on NCIS.  I love Mark Harmon's gray hair and blue, its a perfect name for this big guy.   He has been a stealth shadow of a kitty for weeks.  I kept thinking I was seeing one of my cats slinking off the porch when I walked out the door.  One morning I thought it was Lucy sunning herself on the other side of the railing but when he jumped down and hid under the porch and I turned around an nearly stepped on Lucy, I knew we had another 'lurker".   I would see him under the bushes, across the street hiding under an evergreen, but when I would try to approach he would run.  Another feral cat....oh well, I'll just leave him alone and he will probably go away.  He hasn't.  He is living under my porch.  While he is a big, unaltered male, he is skin and bones.  So I finally succumbed to feeding him.  He would stay under the porch until I left and within minutes, the food would be gone and so would he.  THEN...yesterday when I took the food out to put it in it's spot, his blue-eyed little head popped out from under the steps and he came right out and ate while I was there.  I sat down and talked to him while he ate.  (big mistake).  Last night when I went out, he came right up to me, purring and rubbing against my legs.  Same thing this morning, only now he tries to come in the house with me.  The other cats don't seem to mind him, so there has been no fighting.  Maybe its because he looks like he belongs in their family.  Now I'm trying to figure out when I can take him to Omaha to get him neutered and rabies shot.   If anyone knows of anyone who would like a really beautiful male cat with Jethro Gibb's handsome-ness.  Let me know.

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FabricalaCarte said...

What a handsome guy! Glad you're his friend now....sounds like he needs one.

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