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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Am I a Wanna Be Hippie???

So one of my new adventures in holistic-ness (is that a word?) has been homemade cat foot for my 3 fur-babies...

After experiencing a horrible urinary tract infection, I began looking around on the net to see if I could help to avoid the same thing happening again to Possum and avoiding it all together for Lucy and Ricky.

My first step was to buy premium cat food and add one meal a day of "wet" food.  Hopefully this "good" food would provide more moisture and better ingredients that would pass thru and be better used by the cat's bodies.  It actually was working quite well.  With 3 cats, however, the expense was pretty high.  One day I decided to "google" home made foods and there I gained a huge education!  My favorite site was is written by a vet who uses this recipe and who lovingly (or not) describes dry cat food of any kind, "kitty crack"..  She continuously updates info on the blog, so anything she learns, I can learn too.  Its a ton of reading, but interesting and helpful in making the decision to make cat food at home.

So here it is! 

I took Dr. Lisa's advise and par-boil the chicken thighs before grinding them.

The grinder was fun to find.  One of the many reasons I like living in "Iowa's Antique City".  Spending $125 or more on an electric grinder seemed to defeat half of the purpose of making home made food.  I was able to find this vintage beauty at Heart of Country for $10!  The grinding is a bit strange.  To give the cats all the nutrients they need, it is a must to grind the bones right along with the meat!  After the first time of preparing the food, the bone grinding has become Larry's job!

Another must for the ultimate cat food is to add eggs.  Good source of protein and the fats they need.  Rather than risk salmonella, Dr. Lisa advises hard boiling, chopping fine in the food processor and then adding to the ground meat.

This is a huge bread dough bowl I also purchased in downtown Walnut.  LOVE it for this purpose because it so big and looks awesome on my kitchen counter!  Supplements are added to the mix (see recipe).  I'm pretty sure the cats are getting better nutrition now than ever!
The last step is to put it all together and prepare it to store in the freezer!  It's much like making a meat loaf.  All the supplements, the meat, the eggs...water...Smooch it all together and put it in containers.  All done.

One thing Ive learned is to make a LOT at once, so that the process only has to be done occasionally.   It isn't hard at all.  A little time consuming and not a lot of fun (especially the grinder).

Lucy posed with the Easter Eggs
Possum and Ricky "try" to share a basket!

So now, its been six weeks since Ive started this diet for my 3.  How is it going? They are still hesitant to eat the food as well as I think they should.  I'm putting just a teaspoon of other wet food on the top to entice them, but I feel it's going very well.  Ive decided that my cats are now eating for nourishment, and not for the love or addiction to the taste.  They no longer wake me at 6am ravenous for their first meal.  They eat twice a day and are satisfied.  Their coats look amazing and even tho its spring, their shedding is minimal.  They have lost weight (which, honestly, they needed to do). They are happy and seemingly healthy.  The litter box has lots of p-balls, and very little b.m.  Which means to me, their bodies are actually using the food they are consuming and that there is lots of moisture in the food.  I have a water fountain available to them at all times, but I can tell they are only drinking about half of what they used to drink, as they are getting the moisture from the food.

So for now, I will continue to feed this home made food to my babies...Thanks Dr. Lisa!

Should you want to try this for your sure to follow the directions at Dr. Lisa's website exactly...dont leave anything out or try to cut corners!  Please!  Your cat's health depends on it!


FabricalaCarte said...

Cool! Your kitties are so beautiful.

Kathy said...

Thanks Kris! Yes they are quite beautiful if i do say so myself!

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