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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Drink to the Good Old USA!

 Seems the current tread, because of our unstable economy is to "buy American".  People are challenging themselves to only buy products made in the USA.  How fun!   I got to thinking that while that might be difficult in the electronics area, not so much in the area of kitchen and home products. And that, people would not only be fun, but very affordable too.

Today, I'm thinking "glassware"!  The piece above is perfect to serve your juices.  Unfortunately, I don't have the lid to this one, so I'm thinking maybe a flower vase???

 These tumblers are the Wheat Pattern from FireKing (1960's)  They are perfect!  Decorated in gold and made of crystal! They are a perfect size with a capacity of 11 oz.

 These little tulip juice glasses are most likely from the 60's as well and probably made by Anchor Hocking.  I have a customer that buys these to server her friends wine in.  What a fun and novel way to serve your guests! Or juice!  :)

 OK, so these aren't really beverage glasses, but they could be! And I like the picture!  These are USA made Indiana Glass American Whitehall Sherbet dishes(1970's).  But aren't they pretty?  Go to Vintagekats and you will find more of these and some amber drinking glasses too!  Check out the Vintage Glassware Category!

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee!  Unless of course its having coffee served in a vintage milk glass mug.  Again, these are made by Fire king..USA all the way!

Americans can keep their money in our country if we open our eyes and try.  There are website directories that will guide you to all American made products.  Watch Etsy for sure! Buying from Etsy supports cottage industries, American and otherwise.  And don't forget Thrift shops and garage sales.  We all are looking for ways to save money...

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FabricalaCarte said...

Great vintage "vessels"! Love them!

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