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Sunday, September 12, 2010

PC and Laptop Horrors!

Sorry Ive been so lax in getting a new blog post up! Its been a terrible few weeks.
First my laptop burned up! I have no idea what happened, but its deader than a doornail! So Ive been using my old PC, which is slower than molasses in January...and guess what? Yesterday it died too!
Im down to my ipod, which I cannot access my etsy shops with for some dumb reason and borrowing a laptop from my friend or from my hubby when he doesnt need his to work on. I hate it!
So now, its going to be lap top shopping and that is nearly as bad to me as trying to untangle a skein of yarn. So many choices and things to ponder. Ive talked my hubby into doing all the research and choosing one for me. It makes me clausterphobic! Is that possible?
There is lots going on in my little world of Walnut, Iowa...I will try to update you in the next few days if I have a computer to use!

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