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Friday, August 6, 2010

Foxes Find a New Home...

Totally in Love with this !!!
Once in a while you enter the thrift shop and you hear yourself let out an audible that makes others take a look over at you and wonder if you are OK. This happened to my friend Cheryl this week. She entered one of our thrift shops and saw this beautiful piece of artwork. Knowing how I love foxes, she grabbed it up and purchased it and then presented to me as a gift! It's signed and dated and appears to be colored pencil sketching. I am so happy with it and I love it dearly. I didn't wait even a day to yank down a different picture from my living room wall and put this one up in its place. I don't know what it is about it, other than there is so much "life: in the faces of these animals. Is it a mama fox with her baby? Maybe sisters? Brothers? I'm going to build my own fairy tale around this one and say its a daddy "fox" loving and protecting his little girl "kidlet". My fairy tale. Thank you soooo much Cheryl! I'm sorry, but you wont be seeing this one for sale in my shops.

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FabricalaCarte said...

Kathy...this brought tears to my eyes...

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