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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day Trippin'

Kathy and Julie!
My Favorite, Bryce Canyon!

Ok, so maybe not DAY trippin' but tripping halfway across the country in very few days! A whirlwind trip it was too! Some very special friends of mine were moving from Californina to Colorado Springs. Put all their 2 stuff in a "POD", stuffed their cars with the leftovers and planned the drive. I was blessed to be asked and able to fly out there to help them drive back. What a job! Driving through the California Mohave Desert, eating yummy Mexican Food in LasVegas, getting to have a short visit with my sister and brother in law, experiencing Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, eating Dairy Queen, In and Out and tasting my first Chick Filet Sandwich. Tough stuff, Im telling you! Oh! then once we got to Colorado Springs...seeing the mountains and experience the most lovely hidden gardens at the home of the couple we stayed with. Its so hidden even Bambi lives there. :) He stayed hidden and I didnt get to see him, but I sure tried!
All this in four days! Ha! It was so fun that Larry and I are going back to Colorado the end of September to see the aspens!
Back to work now. Tomorrow I will be posting many new things in my Etsy shop! Til then...

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Anonymous said...

Bryce Canyon is sooo beautiful! How lucky you are to get to see it.:) Nancy

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