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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Now Know Im Addicted!

Got to take a trip to a secret little "source" for my inventory on Tuesday. Got a good box full of goodies only to return yesterday. A good friend came out for day visit and we decided we should go back out for another little look-see. Yep, I ended up with another TWO boxes full. I see the treasures and I cannot leave them on the shelf. I have to bring them home so that I can offer them up to my wonderful customers. So its off the the kitchen sink this morning to get them all shined up for listing. Keep watching for the fun!


FabricalaCarte said...

Tell me where you go for your treasures? And where in your house was this picture taken?

Kathy said...

Hey! The pic wass taken in the attic where I have my etsy stuff now. The secret place wouldnt be secret if I told you! I have 3 really nice has all of a sudden gotten more expensive, but the other two are still pretty good...When you come I will take you...two are in small towns around here and the other is in the country about 25 miles away...BARGAINS and fun!

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