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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling a Bit like a Cartoon Character...

The group of first cousins that attended the funeral of my Aunt Martha Matilda Staben! We were only missing 3!
My grandson Kaden turned 7 on July 2nd, we attended a fun party to celebrate on Sunday!

Yep! My life lately has been feeling a bit like a know the kind...where the feet don't touch the ground and all you see is a cloud of dust as the character races by! And because of the heat and humidity lately, a lot of sweat flying off. Getting the picture? The roadrunner comes to mind. Ha!

That's sort of the way Ive been feeling lately. Running from one event or task to another in a whirlwind of activity and energy.

Today, other than finishing the two never-ending barn quilts (that I feel like Ive been working on forEVER), I am going to stay home and work in my etsy shops. It might sound strange but that relaxes me.

1 comment:

FabricalaCarte said...

I love the cousins picture! Wish I was in it...And Kaden is getting so big! I want to talk to you today...I'll call soon

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