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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Antique Walk is Over for another Year!

These are my lovely ladies that come to see me every year during the walk. We have become very good friends. They have been in my house every year for at least 14! Thats twice as long as Ive lived here! Theresa, Flo and Karin...We were missing Robyn...but hopefuly she will return next year.
This is Theresa at her "booth". Sales were good...when it wasnt raining!

Hats! ha! I just thought this was funny!
So! its all over for another year. I cannot believe how quickly these years go by. Im already planning for next years walk.
Now on to heavy-duty attention to my etsy shops!


FabricalaCarte said...

Maybe some day I can see what its all about!!

Kathy said...

Kris, I hope can come any time. Just let me know so that I keep some space for you! ha! I was really busy this year again. I worked all day in a wine tasting booth on Fri, Cheryls shop all day on Saturday and Sunday I tried to relax, but it was hard with the house full of people, rain and hoopla! I still havent stopped!

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