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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Walnut Winter Continues!

Cars are buried!

Trees are beautiful!

My House looks like a Christmas Card!

Frozen Toilets and Pipes greeted me on Monday!

A little extra help with thawing the pipes!

So glad I decided to head out to Walnut on Monday morning. I entered the house to find it no warmer on the inside than it was on the outside. I shot to the thermostat to find it was registering off bottom of the chart. Since it was set on 55, I knew we had a problem. Long story short, I was unable to restart the furnace and had to call out my heros from Feeke Heating and Air in Avoca. They were here before an hour was over. I honestly couldn't stay in the house to wait...I would have frozen to death. The furnace was a simple fix but I was very concerned with all the frozen water pipes. I allowed the house to warm up gradually, opened cabinet doors and hoped for the best. The best being no broken water pipes... Thank God everything thawed fine and no pipes were broken.
Now we have at least four more inches of snow on the ground and its still coming down quite heavily. I will wait it out overnight again and hopefully go back to Omaha tomorrow (Thursday). It looks as if we have a total of 12-14 inches on the ground now. Crazy thing is today the temp is about 14 and it feels warm! The winds are picking up so in the next few hours the wind will cause blizzard conditions...I'm safe, warm and cozy, so I will be patient. I miss my hubby and my kitties... :(
I've kept myself busy with laundry and sewing. I even finished a small quilt top I plan on putting in Cheryl's shop!
Ahhh! Midwestern Winters!


krissybizz said...

Love the pictures! But I can see why your ready to arrive here in Vegas!

Kathy and Larry Humann said...

You are NOT joking...Im just hoping the weather wll LET me get out of here!

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