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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Its Often Difficult if Not Impossilbe!

Packing and shipping can be a bit of a challenge in my house. This is Possum my 3yo Kitty who loves to get in boxes. Here she is completely hogging the shipping box that has all my envelopes tape and sealing materials. I battle this kind of thing each time I do my shipping. I would be lonely without it!

Ive been spending the last couple days working hard in my Etsy shop. I found a wonderful tool (s) to help me in my business. I purchased a set of 3 E-books from a fellow Etsy Seller. Click on the E-books if you'd like more info. This is money well-spent, people. Seriously, I'm on page 11 of the first of 3 books and I'm already seeing a difference in my views, which will hopefully convert to sales! I'm trying very hard to keep my "focus" and do each step as it comes, so this might all take me a while. Im excited and pumped up!

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