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Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Gets Worse before it Gets Better!

My new Office/Workroom "BEFORE" Pics...

In my endeavor to get into a FOCUS mode, Ive had to tear everything apart and start over. What a mess! The fact that its tax time and I have two Etsy shops to get books in order for, hasn't sped up the process any!

So as you can see by these pics, the storm hit outside as well as inside! These pictures are of the branches down in our yard. I guess they are a bit more than branches, more like LIMBS! Poor Larry has been out all morning in subzero windchill trying to get them cut up and put in piles so we can get them taken off to the landfill. Its a mess. The electricity has been "iffy" and even our Internet service has been a bit affected. Our recent ice storm has been crazy and guess what, folks? We have more on the way!


krissybizz said...

OOOOH! Looks COLD! But it looks like you're making headway in your work room!

Kathy and Larry Humann said...

You are right, it is cold. I dont know how much headway Im really making, but chipping away in my workroom will come to something, someday..hahaha. I did get Cheryls tax paperwork done today and a few things listed in my new shop. Check it out Vintagekats!

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