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Friday, July 3, 2009

VIDEO: Giant US Navy ship anchors off Fremantle

Check out this short news video from West Australia. Jeff was one of the sailor manning they rail on their arrival...ship is big, yes? In Order to see the video, just click the live link below where the words are a different color!

I talked to Jeff on Friday night, he is so glad to be on Dry Land and says Australia is amazing. He is standing on the right side of the boat as you look at the pic...

G'day and Happy American Independence Day!

VIDEO: Giant US Navy ship anchors off Fremantle

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Day...My Blessing

Are you a member of the band??? Front of our spring model. Back of Shirt...

My Floor as I checked, weighed and packed orders...
The Stacks of sizes!

So my day, from 9am to after 4pm was sorting, printing and packing over 70 shirts for the Navy for Moms G-dub Mutha's spring edition of our tee-shirts. All are mailed and on their way to our Sailors and their families. Altho it was a LOT of work, this was well worth it.
Fun to be able to do this for our Navy families. Look for these shirts on the flight deck of the GW and all over the we, proud families of USS George Washington's Sailors! God Bless America. Happy 4th of July!
Many thanks for Gene and Dean at J&J Graphic Design in Atlantic Iowa for their help with the design and production of these shirts!

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