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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spending a Rainy Day in my Garden

Well, I sort of wanted to spend time outside in my garden, but because of rain, and I mean LOTS of it, I decided to spend time indoors with my "fabric" garden.  

This is a wonderful little quilt I am making for one of my dear Etsy customers.  I actually got all the blocks done today and 3 of the 7 rows I need to make put together.  I should be able to have the top done by mid week and perhaps the quilting done by the weekend.  That is if I can stay focused.  You all know how difficult that is for me!  Ha!

Oh, you can see that Lucy was "helping me sew too!  I had all 3 kitties in various places in my sewing room for the afternoon.  So Cozy!

Larry and I spent a quiet weekend at home.  He wasnt supposed to be back from his business trip til next Friday, but things got changed on his schedule and he was able to come home Friday afternoon.  We just sort of relaxed, he watched some Red Sox baseball and I sewed.  We did get to go out for Chinese Food today and that was fun.  

I got a surprise phone call from Jeff on Saturday morning.  We both have Magic Jack, so its free phone calling for us!  It was good to hear his voice.  He has a new band called 5th Year.  He is excited about that and looking forward to the diversion.  

Tomorrow, its off to Omaha for the chiropractor, then right back home to work in my Etsy shop and sew!  

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