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**Please note..The other half of my life is dovoted to helping feral and free roaming cats in Walnut and the surrounding areas. You can learn more and follow our activites there at Walnut Iowa's Feral Cat Program! **

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jeff finally made it home from Japan... He of course has been very busy getting together with friends, old and new.  Also the oh so needed tattoo appointments and band shows that he has been waiting to go to.    These pics are from Monday night, at Lauren's.  We had a really nice day.  Poor Jeff had to follow me around to Dr's appointments and thrift shops.    But just like old times, he was a trooper and didnt complain once.  Larry was off that day too, so we traveled as a three-some.    Larry didnt complain either!  :)   We had a good pizza supper with Lauren, Josh and Kaden and then spent a little time with Ben and Stace and the kids.  Nice day.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cats R Happy!

So where do I start?

We had a great time in Ks with Larry's oldest, Brian and his family.  They will be moving to DC as soon as they can sell their house.  We will be praying for a quick buyer and a smooth sale.  As we were talking about how she has to "rid"themselves of all the clutter, we found a cat tree just right for my 3....  These pics show what happened even as it was in "pieces" on the kitchen table and then while Larry was assembling it!  Yes, they for sure like it!  All 3 are estatic!

Life is simple, cats are easy.... they dont argue, they dont rebel, they dont grow up and go away. They are happy with a used cat-tree. I am glad to be considered a cat lady.

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