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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Perfect Angel!

Friday was the day of my little grand daughter's Christmas Program and this year, she was an angel....well, to us she is an angel all year long, but this day she got to dress the part.

This is Faith, 4 years old. She is the adorable one in the middle. She loves to play princess so this "roll" was right up her alley. She attends preschool at a Christian school. Such a blessing to see the kids praising Jesus and enacting the miracle of His birth.

I hope we wont get wrapped up in the hub-bub of the commercialism of the "holidays". Larry and I went to a Chinese restaurant the other day and they had signs posted. " WE WILL BE CLOSED DECEMBER 25TH FOR THE HOLYDAYS". We hope that when people wish you "Happy Holidays" You will, indeed remember that these days are Holy and give Him the glory and praise too!

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