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Monday, December 28, 2009

Now Things Can Get Back to Abnormal!

Having Jeff home for the last two weeks has been so fun and such a blessing! I think you can tell by the faces of my family how happy we all were to have him home.

No one was more happy than me. It was back to life as normal with him around. I didn't even mind having an air mattress on my living room floor, with all his shoes, clothes and electronic devices cluttering everything up.

Now its pretty "emtpy" around here. I dropped him off at the airport this morning and he is on his way back to Japan. The only plus about that is that he probably will only have one more leave home, before he will be back for good. The worst is that it will most likely be a year before I see his beaming face again! It doesn't seem possible that he has been in the Navy for nearly 3 years now and has just over 2 years to go. We are on the downhill slide now and it cant come any sooner for either of us!

So Christmas is over, Jeff is on his way back to his Navy home and all is abnormal again.

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