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Friday, December 18, 2009

My most Favorite Christmas Gift!

After 24 hours of travel, Jeff could still squeeze out a smile!

Yes...tired! Possum remembers him and loves him.

Very few people can roll Possum on her belly and play with her feet.
But Jeff can do it and stay alive!

Christmas with Jeff home is so fun!

Jeff arrived home from Japan on Tuesday night. So good to have him home. I'm busy being the "mama" and doing whatever I can to mother him into oblivion! Haha...I fell very naturally back into that mode.

We havent done much but just hang. He is trying to visit friends and get some tattoo appointments done, but his "off" time, has been with us. He is sleeping on an air mattress on our living room floor and seems to be very comfy! I tag along with him as much as I can and when its appropriate, but just knowing he is close by is such a blessing..

Sunday we will have an open house for him. Im excited to see some of his friends that I havent seen for a long time and some friends of the family too.

Thank you Lord, for bringing my son home safely and for this time I can spend with him.

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krissybizz said...

He looks so good! Give him a hug for us...Have fun!!

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