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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 09 Snow Storm!

My substitution for a Christmas Tree...The kitties do leave the reindeer alone, but they love the curly ribbon!
Our the front door of our building..Larry's car is the one to the right of the open space...

Out the back door of our building...the snow has drifted up to the window, probably 18-20". It sure could be worse!

Ricky is totally crazed! He thinks he wants to be out there!

Out my apartment window...
We were hit with our first real storm of the season yesterday and last night. It appears to be between 8-12" depending on where you are in town. Here it seems about 8". I'm watching out the window and there is no traffic, only a lonely snow plow. I think it could have been much worse but it is sort of tiring to stay inside and at home.

Crocheting rag rugs is keeping me busy! :)

Jeff arrives next week, so I'm particularly grateful that this is going to be over by then!

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