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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blizzard stew!

Im still snowed in and home alone. Sick to death of cereal and scrambled eggs...not fun after two days!

Today, I stood in front of my fridge looking to see what I had that I could cook up something good. I had a bunch of broccoli and I had the idea of making a cream soup using I started putting things in the pot, I decided to put everything in it that I needed to get rid of out of the freezer and the fridge.

Its sooooo yummy! Here is what ended up in the pot!

Chopped fresh broccoli
Chopped fresh onion
sliced carrots
the rest of the bag of frozen green beans
the rest of the box of frozen spinach
a couple little slabs of leftover turkey
about a cup of leftover wild/brown rice
Some grape tomatoes that needed to be used
Chicken broth left over from thanksgiving that I found in the freezer

I wa hoping to find some beans and celery, but nope!

I let it all simmer until tender, seasoned with roasted garlic pepper blend, added a bit of wylers chicken broth crystals cuz I love that flavor....

Put in a bowl, sprinkle with that little bit of grated cheese thats leftover in the bag...use it before it turns green....haha! I had motzarella...and it all rocked!

Voila! Blizzard Stew...YUM!

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