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Monday, November 2, 2009

So Good...

to talk with Jeff the past couple days. Hearing his voice is always better than the IM chatting. I will take what I can get and am thankful for any connection I can get.
They have been ported in Hong Kong and were able to take afew days off. Those kids so deserve it after being on the ship for so long. They spent Jeff's birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland! Jeff said he relaxed, but I think he might have eaten something that made him sick. He has been battling some stomach problems for the last four days or so. Unfortunatly the Navy sort of laughed him off and only gave him Pepto. Well, I hope that will do the trick and it isnt something bacterial or something. Please pray for him.

Im so looking forward to him coming home for Christmas. We will have an Open House for him on Dec 20th so I hope lots of his friends and family will be able to come.

Im mentally planning lots of food and fun! I wish he could bring his Navy friends with him! I would love to meet them all!

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