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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Always Knew it, but Didnt Know Why...

Having quilted for other quilt top piece-ers for a lot of years, I have seen my share of backings made from sheets, old and new. I have never liked them but wasn't for sure why.

Today I got a piece of advertising mail for a quilting book. These mailings are always full of bits of info and ads for other things. This particular one has a little sheet with a color wheel on it and this information....

Using bedsheets to back your quilts??? DON'T DO IT!
Sheets have a very high thread count, which forces your quilting needle to break the sheet's threads as it pierces through. This leaves holes in your backing and diminishes the stability of the quilt. Quilting fabric has a looser weave, which allows your needle to easily slide between the threads and keeps your backing fabric intact.
Personally? This is why I always hated to quilt batiks...I know the ladies spent tons on the fabric and I was punching holes it it!
Sorry to bore my non quilting readers with this info, but I felt the need to post..

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